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costumer testimonials


  1. Freezer Repair, Michael V, Ontario

I would like to thank QA Appliance Repair Toronto for the excellent repair service they performed when my freezer just suddenly broke for no apparent reason. They were very polite and was very punctual that they when to my home earlier than what I expected. They’ve done an amazing job and I highly recommend them.


  1. Stove Repair, Jessa M, Canada

QA Appliance Repair Toronto was there when I needed help to fix my damaged stove. They were very prompt and responded quickly when I urgently needed an assistance. I was in the middle of preparing foods for my guests that were about to arrive and when my stove broke, the technicians were quick to repair it successfully.


  1. Refrigerator Repair, Johnny S, Canada


When my refrigerator has got some trouble, I contacted several repair service company to have my refrigerator fixed but unfortunately, it went ineffective. Through recommendation of my friends, I immediately called QA Appliance Repair Toronto and surprisingly, I was happy with the results. First, the repairmen were very professional and courteous. They were able to repair my damaged refrigerator impeccably and lastly, they did some explanations about how they do things nicely. I’m thankful to them.


  1. Dryer Repair, Michelle H, Canada

I was in an urgent meeting so I needed to use my dryer but suddenly, it went into trouble. I was very lucky to have those technicians from QA Appliance Repair Toronto because they were very effective towards their service. They were able to do their job well and they never disappointed me. I want to thank them for their incredible repair service.

  1. Microwave Oven Repair, Diana L, Canada

QA Appliance Repair Toronto came to me quickly when I needed to have my microwave oven repaired. The technicians were highly trained and professional. They were able to fix my microwave oven effortlessly and didn’t even manage to ask for help. You are absolutely the best repair company and it was really a great decision to have my microwave oven be repaired by your technicians.